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Perry Baker
Rugby Camps


Perry Baker Rugby Camps are dedicated to providing a quality
youth sport camp that is encouraging, safe and active. A skilled based focus with challenges to become better players on and off the pitch by pushing our athletes to be the best they can be. We are committed to providing everyone with a positive sports experience that will lead to additional participation and inspire a healthy, active lifestyle.

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Ages 5-11

We teach you the basic fundamentals of Rugby, coordinate the groups as they move through the activities, and provide positive instruction and feedback to the players during the sessions.


Ages 11-14 (Or By Skill)

These players tend to be fundamentally strong and have knowledge of the game. We work on improving all skills and competition tends to be of high quality.



Ages 15+ (Or By Invite)

Seasoned athletes work on improving all aspect of their game so that they can work towards goals. We coach you to work on not only your best qualities but all skills needed to be an elite rugby player.

Who Are We


Is currently part of Team USA 7's program. He is known as one of the fastest Rugby players in the world. He has achieved awards such as 2x HSBC World Rugby Player Of The Year, 2x HSBC World Rugby Dream Team, 2017 HSBC Top Try Scorer, Rugby Magazine's Top 50 Most Influential Rugby Players, and is currently in the 2020 Guinness Book of World Records for "Most Clean Line Breaks." 


Charlie was born and raised in South Africa and fell in love with the game at a young age. he has been fortunate to travel and make a career in rugby as a player and coach. Charlie played in the inaugural PRO league until it collapsed and has since taken on coaching to share his knowledge. He currently coaches at the high school an college level and is the Co-Founder of Perry Baker Rugby Camps in San Diego, CA. 

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Guest Coaches

We are sometime lucky enough to have special appearances by current USA 7's players to help with skills enhancement. 


Ben Pinkelman


Ben currently plays on Team USA and participates in the HSBC World Seven Series.

Brett Thompson


Brett currently plays on Team USA and participates in the HSBC World Seven Series.

Kevon Williams


Kevon currently plays on Team USA and participates in the HSBC World Seven Series.

Warren Abrahams

Head Coach
Wales Womens 7's & 15's

Warren use to be an assistant coach for USA Women's 7's Program and has since moved to the Head Coach position for the Womens National Program in Wales.

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